Rooler (foto)
NaamChristopher Rossi
Lid van groepAggressive Act
Genreshardstyle, raw hardstyle
Christopher Rossi a.k.a. Rooler was born the 21th November 1994 in Genoa.

He started his musician career in 2009 together with Aleandro (actually 50% of Malice), under the name "Doubleconnection", after that they decided to split up and go on their own way, Christopher continued to produce under the name "Lostworld"

In 2012 together with his friend Fabrizio Di Giovanni, he started to produce as "Unnamed", Under this alias they released track like "System Failure", "Sunshine Of Black" and "So High To The Rain (Mashup)".

At the very beginning of 2014 he chose to focus his path on the sperimental side of Hardstyle. In that moment, Rooler was born.
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best and most brutal kicks out there.­ Can't get enough of this
Evil Intentionz
Aankomend Talent, snoeiharde kicks, een om in de gaten te houden!!