The Straikerz
31 augustus 2022
NaamXavi Fontanet & Guillem Gomariz
Functie61 × DJ's, 5 × live act, groep
Lid van groepWe Are Gearbox
HerkomstSpanje 🇪🇸
Genreshardstyle, raw hardstyle
AffiliatieUpcoming Records


The Straikerz aka Xavi Fontanet and Guillem Gomariz is a Raw Hardstyle duo from Spain signed at Gearbox Digital & Pure Bookings. They joined forces in order to create a fresh and unique style combining heavy kicks with a dark atmosphere, nasty screech and some influences of industrial sounds.

Releasing their last tracks at Gearbox Digital, End Of Line and Upcoming Records, helped them a lot to get known internationally. But also their performance at Dominator Festival as the Dj/producer contest winners in 2018 and the upcoming event Fatality Outdoor Festival together with their constant bookings in Spain, made them go one step further and being recognized internationally, helping them to build up their future. They also had the opportunity to remix a track from Killshot and being supported at Hard Bass by the End Of Line (Warface,Delete & Killshot) which was a huge goal achievement.

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