28 januari 2022
NaamWouter van de Ridder
Functie83 × DJ, 3 × live act, producer
HerkomstNederland 🇳🇱
partyflock Ecstatic (20 mrt 2017)


Ecstatic is a Hardstyle dj from The Netherlands. Goal: to create the most euphoric feelings and giving people goosebumps with his music. In the past they where together as a duo. Their talent was quickly recognized and resulted in gigs at events such as Defqon. 1, Q-Base, Decibel Outdoor and XXlerator to name a few.

After releases on AVIO, Q-Dance Next and Hard With Style that got supported by names as Coone, Noisecontrollers and Da Tweekaz they were looking for the next step.

In November 2016, they joined the main label of Dirty Workz. With their first single "Inhuman" they set a high-quality standard for the next generation in hardstyle.

Uitgaansagenda Ecstatic

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23 april 2022
Foto's, Dirty Workz, 23 april 2022, Lotto Arena, Antwerpen
26 januari 2019
Foto's, X-Qlusive, 26 januari 2019, AFAS Live, Amsterdam

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[hs] seline
Hoe jij de piano weet te gebruiken is bizar alleen maar respect en je album quantum leap heb alleen maar kippenvel dit meisje maak je zo blij✌️🫶

2 opmerkingen

Nice music guys keep it comming
Quantum leap, wat een album!
Ga zo door!