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NaamAndrei Rata
All the way from Moldova, modern day Mozart, Andrei Rata, born on July 21st , 1992 has been making his own marks, and own unique style in the trance scene. Andrei Rata known as Andrew Rayel started at a young age developing the passion that he has towards his musical skills. Studying Orchestral music and producing only at the age 13 , Andrew Rayel is a name known for his piano keys, harmony, euphoric, and and mesmerizing sounds.

Having the biggest support from dance music icon, trance leading pioneer, Andrew Rayel has earned the support of none other than the man himself Armin Van Buuren! Having his support on his world famous radio show "A State Of Trance" has been one of the biggest highlights for Andrew Rayel...
A State Of Trance 600 · 10 mei 2013
De vijf cd compilatie van A State Of Trance 600 gemixt door Armin van Buuren, ATB, W&W, Rank 1 en Andrew Rayel. Vijf maal feest in een doosje?
Out Now: Andrew Rayel featuring Angelika Vee · 24 juli 2017
"Never Let Me Go" is the seventh single from the latest full-length studio album by Andrew Rayel, MOMENTS (Armada Music).
"Heavy Love" is the new single from Andrew Rayel's second full-length studio album, Moments · 19 juni 2017
Elemental. Heavy. Flawless. The moment is right for Andrew Rayel and Max Vangeli to shine. The new single from Andrew Rayel & Max Vangeli featuring Kye Sones, "Heavy Love" (Armind), is out now.
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Kinky On The Beach
Ik heb hem horen draaien in Praag was gelijk verslaafd aan zijn muziek, wat kan deze goed draaien zeg Love It Yvonne
Hoe kan het dat deze man zo weinig fans heeft?

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I love Andrew-Rayel !!! ;-)
Best producer and dj !