Thyron (foto)
NaamBas Janssen
Genreshardstyle, raw hardstyle
In a dark room with a dim light at the corner, a 13-year-old boy sat still. Furious kicks emerged as he transferred the sounds he produced by electronic mail, hoping that it would reach the ears of Fusion Records.

Impressed by what they had heard, B-Front, Chain Reaction, Frequencerz, and E-Force, played those sounds through the speakers of Defqon.1, Bassleader, and Loudness.

Then, at the age of 16, the boy was signed to Fusion Records as Thyron.

Those who are close to Thyron would always say that once he starts something, he won't let it go until it's finished. Rest assured, just like his dedication and perseverance, the sounds of Thyron will captivate ravers from start to finish.
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Beste hardstyle artiest.­ Vetste stijl/thema!

11 opmerkingen

Dit gaat een grote naam worden!
Als je zo door gaat kom jij er zeker wel!!
Uitspraak van CHL-024 op dinsdag 24 december 2013 om 11:50:
Dit gaat een grote naam worden!
Hele dikke platen! :)
Artiest Nevz
Elke keer als ik een track hoor die anders klinkt dan zie ik telkens deze naam als de producer ervan.­ Hij gaat ver komen met zulke tracks.­
Was mij onbekend tot gister op het HDE in de HMH, zette een meesterset neer van jewelste.­ Eindelijk een nieuw, hard geluid in de raw, ik ken radical nu wel ondertussen...­
Hier zet ik mn geld wel op in, deze gaat ver komen
Uitspraak van Jippaaaaa op maandag 15 december 2014 om 19:53:
Denk dat dat niet meer gaat gebeuren :lol:

Vind het nog steeds een raar verhaal en de verklaring op Thyrons Facebook nog vreemder.
Hoop dat die bij geen enkel label meer aan de bak komt..­

"­Pieter DjThera Heijnen The reason I replied, is that in the past he also proved to us as Theracords to be very untrustworthy, he leaked promo's and stole sounds from a couple of artists from us.­ This is not the first time he made mistakes, also not the second, not the third, not the fourth, etc etc etc..."­

"­Thyron sent Blackness by B-Front to himself while he was working in B-Front's studio on their collab.­ B-Front didn't know about it because he had to go out.­ So Thyron basically stole it.­ Same thing for the WIP track between B-Front and The Pitcher for The Pitcher's new album.­
It's not the only shitty move Thyron has done.­ In the past he also released track(s) from Tartaros under his own name.­ And there was some fight between him and Atmozfears.­
Guy has talent for sure, but he's throwing it away with stuff like this."­

"­Basically he put his own tracks online with names such as Atmozfears - TBA so people would listen to it.­ Atmozfears did not like that very much you see"­