Quicksilver (foto)
NaamOrhan Terzi
FunctieDJ, producer
SiteSite djquicksilver.de
DJ Quicksilver aka Orhan Terzi was born in Turkey and is living in Germany. He is a DJ legend since years.
The name "DJ Quicksilver" was created at a DJ contest as the audience broke the column of quicksilver, which was installed as a success-o-meter, by applauding. Because of winning this competition, he became a requested Club-DJ in the scene. This also eased the opening of his own import-record shop, which offered him many ideas and was a meeting point of ravers and DJs.
With their first production "BINGO BONGO" the producers around DJ Quicksilver, Orhan Terzi and Tommaso De Donatis, had a Mega-Club-Hit immediately and remained in the German Sales Charts at a high position for weeks...
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21 fans? :lol: belachelijk.
Aha dan! Van hem heb ik nog een cd liggen uit 1997, dikke sound. Hoop 'm nog eens te horen draaien!
Uitspraak van 1981 op zaterdag 31 maart 2007 om 15:59:
21 fans? :lol: belachelijk.