19 oktober 2023
NaamLevi Weidmann
Functie167 × DJ, 12 × live act
Lid van groepBassline Madness
HerkomstNederland 🇳🇱
Genreshardstyle, raw hardstyle
AffiliatiesAPEX Records
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Levi Weidmann, also known as Cryex, embarked on his journey as a producer at the age of twelve. The moment he first encountered the captivating beats of Hardstyle, he was spellbound, and a deep love for the scene took root within him. This passion rapidly turned into an obsession where he spent countless hours enhancing his sound in the studio. The result of his dedicated effort is the now recognizable, signature and vibrant sound.

Brought together by an immense feeling of friendship, CRYEX and his friends created their label called APEX Records early 2020. Since then, they've been on a mission to let everybody join their brotherhood.

Cryex has achieved significant milestones such as a Shockerz Anthem, APEX hosting at the Indigo, and having both a solo and a B2B in the Blue at Defqon.1.

Uitgaansagenda Cryex

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11 maart 2023
Foto's, Loudness, 11 maart 2023, Ahoy, Rotterdam
6 mei 2022
Foto's, Act of Rage, 6 mei 2022, 013, Tilburg
30 april 2022
Foto's, Execution, 30 april 2022, Studio A12, Bunnik
14 september 2019
Foto's, Dance Parade, 14 september 2019, Hooge Veenen, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel
21 juni 2018
Foto's, Exhibition, 21 juni 2018, Undercurrent, Amsterdam