NaamDemi Kanon
FunctieDJ, producer
GenresEDM, hardstyle
AffiliatieThe Wishlist Agency
partyflock Demi Kanon (25 mrt 2015)
Modesty, diligence and true passion are the fundamentals that self-made success Demi Kanon is built on. Keeping it real since his humble beginning, this 21 year old DJ and producer has already walked quite an interesting path, which has evidently manifested itself through the spine-tingling melodies and profound storylines portrayed in his music.

Hailing from The Netherlands, Kanon has experienced many trials and tribulations throughout his life. In the end Demi chose a creative way to express his emotions. Through working on music and capturing the true essence of his emotions through the medium of sound, this talent has found that music has been the true remedy.
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REBiRTH Festival · Guardian of Eternity WIN1237 bezoekersFestivalterrein Raamse AkkersHaaren
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REBiRTH Festival · Guardian of Eternity1183 bezoekersFestivalterrein Raamse AkkersHaaren
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Supersonic hallo zeg! :kwijl:
Dit gaat een hele grote worden!

Supersonic & Perfect Love (L)
Top producer!! Demi komt er wel :D