22 maart 2014
NaamJesse Koch
Functie67 × DJ, producer
AliasJesse Jax
HerkomstNederland Nederland
partyflock Jesse (19 okt 2019)


It was back in 2008 when the young Jesse Koch came in touch with hardstyle, hearing the sounds escape from his brother's room. Even though he started out skeptical, this music grew on him like a virus.

After visiting his first hardstyle party, Jesse was determined to grab on to this hard an energetic type of music. He taught himself how to mix and started promoting his mixes on the internet, with success. Becoming a resident DJ on some of the biggest online hardstyle radio stations and playing some smaller gigs, he realized that he had to start producing to grow further, which he did under the alias Festuca.

A lot of practice hours later, Festuca was able to create his own sounds and at the moment things are going really fast for him. With gigs like Qapital, Defqon.1 and X-Qlusive Holland in the past year, Festuca is one to watch.

Uitgaansagenda Festuca

Laatste optreden was op zondag 25 september 2016: ClubRaw, 11, Assen

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11 januari 2014
Foto's, Euphoria, 11 januari 2014, 013, Tilburg

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Talent van 2013-2014!!
Wat was dat genieten op q-base bij Festuca!!:D

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Composition :kwijl:
Gefeliciteerd met DefQon man! Ziek!
Wat goed! De man die ik bij de harder stream haalde ;) Keep going!