NaamFloris Müller
Functie64 × MC
HerkomstNederland 🇳🇱
Genresfreestyle, happy hardcore, hard dance, hardcore, hardstyle, raw hardstyle, uptempo hardcore
partyflock MC FLO (9 feb 2023)


Flo is one of the newest highly talented MCs within the Hard Dance scene. By grinding his way up previous years, he has made sure people know his name. Extreme and aggressive energy can be found in his stage appearances as well as in his vocals.

MC Flo knows how to wield the responsibility to connect the crowd and DJ. He has shared the stage and turned venues into complete chaos with names like Angerfist, Sefa, Act Of Rage, Warface, Frequencerz, Crypsis, Sub Sonik, and many more. His dedication to reach the top didn't stay unnoticed and festivals like Intents Festival, Rebirth Festival, and Into The Summer Festival already had him on their schedule. In 2020 Flo first released his voice on hardstyle and hardcore productions with promising artists on famous labels like Scantraxx, Dogfight, and Neophyte Records.

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5 maart 2022
Foto's, PRYZE, 5 maart 2022, H7 Warehouse, Amsterdam

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Heerlijke energie. Van genoten gister! @hardecollectief