foto Major Conspiracy
NaamJari van den Broek & Sunny Laan
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresfrenchcore, uptempo hardcore


Major Conspiracy who are producing and mixing Frenchcore and Uptempo Hardcore. Our sounds are based on the ''Major'' sound of music and you can feel the energy in our sets and productions.

We started our own concept called "Uptempo Frenchcore Madness". Just a concept, started for fun, growing to something huge.

Since 2019 we are a part of the Offensive Rage Family. You may know us from our latest releases "The Game", "P.I.M.P and "Ready To Die" feat. Rosbeek.

Stay tuned and join the madness.

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17 januari 2020
Foto's, PKHS HARD Invites, 17 januari 2020, PKHS, Tilburg
15 november 2019
Foto's, Like It Harder, 15 november 2019, Highstreet 2.0, Hoogstraten

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