NaamHijazi Virginia Asya
Functie36 × DJ
Leeftijd25 – 26
HerkomstItalië 🇮🇹
WoonachtigNederland 🇳🇱
Genreshardcore, uptempo hardcore
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Ferocious and savage as a tiger, Sakyra with her music can lead you into a journey from euphoric, to epicness. She can bring you a unique energy on the dance floor through the contrast between heavy kicks and emotional breaks. Sakyra is a young Dj/Producer who was born in Italy in 1998. Her love for hardcore music started when she was very young.

Driven by this passion she started dj-ing at 19 years old, performing in different italian clubs, such as Florida and Shock Disco, but also abroad, in The Netherlands and in Belgium.

In 2020 and 2021, she focused on her music side, gaining knowledge and experience in music production and she released music on different labels like The Third Movement, Dogfight, Footworxx, Smash records & more. In 2022 she joined the Footworxx agency and played in various festivals like Harmony of Hardcore, Tomorrowland, The Qontinent & more. She also performed in other countries such as France, Germany, Spain & more.
Hardcore DJ and producer Sakyra about falling in love with the genre: "Every melody, kick and vocal gave a different emotion." · 22 februari 2022
The first time Asya, also known as Sakyra, listened to hardcore was in 2010. "From the first moment I heard the track 'Hardcore Vibes' by Dune, I felt a big energy". She says. Asya got curious about the genre and started searching for more hardcore tracks on YouTube. "The first artists I found out of were Angerfirst, Tha Playah and Mad Dog. I fell in love with them directly, and that is when my passion for hardcore kept growing day by day." Her love for hardcore became so big that she decided to start making music herself in 2017. With time, she understood that her main goal was to make her passion a job. Find out more about the hardcore DJ right now!

Uitgaansagenda Sakyra

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