14 november 2018
NaamSytse Hartman
Functie168 × DJ, 3 × live act
HerkomstNederland Nederland
Genreshardcore, uptempo hardcore
partyflock Trespasssd (20 jun 2019)


Also known as "Trespassed" is a 21 year old producer from Holland. His tracks are well received by other artists. And crowds can't seem to get enough of his kicks!

He started when he was 16. Heavily influenced by genres such as Hardcore, Rawstyle and Dubstep. When it comes to his productions he has a simple goal. He always says: " I want to make quality tracks. But i also want to push the edge."

His music has been pushed by artists such as, Partyraiser, Hard Effectz, DRS, Spitnoise. On festivals such as Intents Festival, Harmony Of Hardcore, Dominator, Q-Base, Decibel & More.

Uitgaansagenda Trespassed

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15 april 2023
Foto's, REBiRTH Festival, 15 april 2023, Raamse Akkers, Haaren
14 april 2023
Foto's, REBiRTH Festival, 14 april 2023, Raamse Akkers, Haaren
11 maart 2023
Foto's, Project Uptempo, 11 maart 2023, Paard, Den Haag
17 september 2022
Foto's, Sin Dios, 17 september 2022, Pompgebouw Schutterspark, Brunssum
15 november 2019
Foto's, Like It Harder, 15 november 2019, Highstreet 2.0, Hoogstraten
5 oktober 2019
Foto's, Hellbound, 5 oktober 2019, The BOX, Amsterdam

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