Hard Effectz
19 oktober 2020
NaamGiovanny Felida
Functie178 × DJ's, groep
HerkomstNederland 🇳🇱
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  • Hard Effects


Hard Effectz is a rising star in the Hardcore scene and started his career only in June 2016. But already from a very young age his passion for music was always there. It began with dancing, heavily influenced by Michael Jackson and Hip-Hop Music. After that he turned his focus on Rapping, which is still a big part of his life. For instance the vocals in the track "Project Uptempo" by Hard Effectz & Trespassed are from Hard Effectz himself!

He always knew there was something else. Something where he knew he would stand for. And the first time he touched a deck he found it:

"Playing music in front of a crowd is a blessing. I live for this feeling. Seeing all those people smiling or having Bassfaces is what drives me. For a lot of people going to a Hardcore event is not just a party. It's forgetting all the negative stuff in their life and just losing themselves in the music. And my job is making you lose yourself through my music" That's what he stands for!

"All I want to do is give people a great time."

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