foto Cryogenic
NaamAnton Spekman
FunctieDJ, live act
Lid van groepenPartyraiser Records & Shock-N-Destroy
Genrescrossbreed, darkcore, hardcore, terror
partyflock Anton S. Cryogenic (4 feb 2017)


When you only had the time to say the word "Up", he's already pushing your "Tempo"... Cryogenic is a relatively new kid on the block, but in the 2 years he's focusing on his powerfull, fast and energetic hardcore beats, his career took of as fast as Forrest Gump. With several releases on labels like D.N.A. Records, Partyraiser Records, Offensive Records, Footworxx Records he has build up quite a reputation. Some of his you probably heared a lot of times on the dancefloor: "On leash", " Victimized", "My way" and of course "Underground madness". So if your in to party hard, be sure to check out his performances!

Uitgaansagenda Cryogenic

Phoenix 100 · The Angernoizer & Cryogenic ShowTime OutGemert
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Cryogenic · After Me There Would Be None77 bezoekersTime OutGemert
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Darkside · BKJN Heroes Tour teaser · Darkside · 2020 (0:25)
3 AppicClassic GrandGlasgow
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Free Festival 2 teaser · Line-up Release · Free Festival · 2021 (1:00)
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Uitgaansagenda Shock-N-Destroy (groep)
Cryogenic · After Me There Would Be None77 bezoekersTime Out, Gemert
15 november 2019
Foto's, Like It Harder, 15 november 2019, Highstreet 2.0, Hoogstraten
26 mei 2019
Foto's, Innercore, 26 mei 2019, The Nex, Castricum
11 mei 2019
Foto's, Phoenix Festival, 11 mei 2019, Evenemententerrein Nuland, Nuland
20 januari 2018
Foto's, BKJN vs Partyraiser, 20 januari 2018, SilverDome, Zoetermeer

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Smoetzeerrr 1ste klas :)
<3 <3 <3

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beste uptempo artiest als je t mij vraagt jezus wat een kicks maakt deze man :respect:
Niet normaal deze man.­ Livesets zijn de beste die ik gehoord heb, zeker die van defqon.­ Gisteren op ground zero 2x horen draaien, echt te gek.­
laatste aanpassing