Bombsquad (foto)
NaamStefan Busker & ...
Functielive act, groep
N-Vitral, Stefan Busker
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  • N Vitral Bombsquad
Explosive kicks and burning melody, N-Vitral Presents BOMBSQUAD! A formation you don't want to mess around with. Dark smoke fills the room as the noise becomes bigger and bigger. Prepare yourself, this demolition crew is coming for you. Detonate, explode or fail miserably. Options are limited when the squad sound starts dominating. A golden formula feared by some and praised by others. `Blow `m up' times `Don't fuck with the squad' equals hardcore bangers. Nothing less! Lit like the fuse in your hand, the damage is inevitable. Your favorite form of destruction is here, wrapped in skull splitting kicks, vocals and dense melody. Hear the clock ticking as your doom is approaching. An EP first of many, the BOMBSQUAD is about to hit...
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Haha is die hardstyle als grap bedoelt tegen uptempo :lol: