foto The Dope Doctor
NaamOlmo Rooijackers
FunctieDJ, groep
Oud lid


This guy is not your average doctor. Using a combination of brutal sounds and pounding drums he will cure you from the disease known as your daily grind.

He has evidenced his medication's ability with performances at Decibel Festival Outdoor and Electric Love Festival just to name a few.

Known for his instrumental trapbreaks and hard kicks which he uses in his medicines, The Dope Doctor definitely has a distinct sound. He is very passionate to release as much of his prescription as possible to get your blood pressure rising at all times.

With his new medications like 'Make It Clap' and 'When I Rhyme' he became an inevitable entity in the hardcore scene.
15 november 2019
Foto's, Like It Harder, 15 november 2019, Highstreet 2.0, Hoogstraten
3 februari 2018
Foto's, La Fête Du Frenchcore, 3 februari 2018,, Krefeld