foto Caine
NaamGreig Bowles
FunctieDJ, live act
Lid van groepenGreazy Puzzy Fuckerz & The Opposition
Genresraw hardstyle
Known for his rugged appearance, fun attitude, atmospheric tracks and hard hitting kicks, this guy plans to bring something new on board to the Theracords and Limitless Agency ship!

With a couple of big performances such as Loudness and Anarchy, he plans to take the world by storm in the new year.

His tracks are gaining support from the scene's biggest names! His most successful track Requital has been played at every huge hardstyle event and received an overwhelming amount of support. He does not plan to stop there!

Caine has become a true social media sensation. By giving his fans a glimpse of his highly anticipated and unreleased tracks in a way only he can, he never seems to bore anyone!
Prepare for Caine, prepare for glory! AWHOOO!
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Party agenda Caine
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Phoenix · Winter EditionEvenementenhal Hardenberg, Hardenberg
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That closing on Kings of Hardstyle (Y)

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Requital, what a track! One day you will have your own Thrillogy.­