NaamStein Bosch
Lid van groepProvenHate
Genreshardcore, uptempo hardcore
Since his childhood Unproven has always been hooked to hardcore. His older brother gave once a hardcore CD and from that moment he never stopped listening. Unproven started producing music when he was around 15 just to experiment with combining sounds. At age of 16 he attended his first party and the day after his 18th birthday he attend Pandemonium and decided he wanted to be on stage as well. From that moment on he took producing music more serious and in 2015 he released his first uptempo EP on Toxic Sickness Digital. Since than it went quick for him.
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Party agenda Unproven
Pandemonium · 15 Year Anniversary 8 880 bezoekersSporthallen ZuidAmsterdam
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Army Of Hardcore · The Indoor Festival63 bezoekersTurbinenhalleOberhausen
Angerfist, Angernoizer, Anhatema, B-Side, Baby Raw, Bass-D, Beagle, Bios, Brainrape, Bulletproof, Buzz Fuzz, Chaotic Hostility, Corruptive Chaos, Cracky Koksberg, Critical Mass, Cryogenic, D-Fence, D-Razor, Deadly Guns, Dedicator, en nog 62 andere artiesten →
Brutality · The Hardest NYE77 bezoekersTime OutGemert
Andy The Core, Anhatema, Bulletproof, D-Fence, Deadly Guns, Destructive Tendencies, Estasia, Evil Activities, F. NøIzE, Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz, Hardbouncer, Hatred, Iniga, Korsakoff, Lady Dammage, Never Surrender, Noisekick, NSD, Partyraiser, Plague, en nog 8 andere artiesten →
Doomsday27 bezoekersAutotronRosmalen
Abaddon, Andy The Core, Barber, Basspunkz, Bombsquad, Bulletproof, Cryogenic, Crypton, Deadly Guns, Digital Violence, DRS, F. NøIzE, Floxytek, FrenchFaces, JKLL, Juliëx, Lady Dammage, Lil Texas, MBK, Nekrosystem, en nog 9 andere artiesten →
Phoenix · Winter Edition65 bezoekersEvenementenhal HardenbergHardenberg
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