foto Juliëx
NaamJulia Aink
Lid van groepThe Tempo Crew
Genreshardcore, uptempo hardcore


Fresh, fiery and determined, Juliëx is an Uptempo chick that you definitely need to keep on your radar! Pursuing her ultimate dream to send crowds into a frenzy with intense beats and pristine mixing, there's absolutely no slowing down this femme fatale on her path to glory!

Julia Aink, aka Juliëx, grew up around music in her day to day life. During her teens, her father taught her how to mix and from that moment on, she continued to express herself and develop.
17 januari 2020
Foto's, PKHS HARD Invites, 17 januari 2020, PKHS, Tilburg
31 augustus 2019
Foto's, Ground Zero Festival, 31 augustus 2019, Recreatieplas Bussloo, Bussloo

1 waardering

Setje @ neerpelt hemelvaart was Outragious!! Balle uit mn broek gedanst :D

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Wow! Zit nu te luisteren naar d’r set op Glorification, wat enorm lekker zeg.­ En dat tempo!! 🤘🏻