Never Surrender
1 mei 2024
NaamRamon Robbemont
Functie113 × DJ, 7 × live act
AliasThe BeatKrusher
HerkomstNederland 🇳🇱
BoekingenSite …
AffiliatieMost Wanted DJ


The day has dawned… It's time to cease the resistance and submit your senses to the unbelievable power of Never Surrender

Audacious by nature, this young kick connoisseur holds a rich liaison with music that's been with him since his childhood years. Growing up in a musical family, Ramon not only holds over ten years of experience with playing bass guitar and piano, but he also completed a four year degree at a highly-acclaimed music school. Constantly exploring ways to express himself through the medium of sound, Never Surrender brings true emotion, passion and skill to the table.

Known for his previous alias The Beatkrusher, Never Surrender was launched in 2018 with a sole mission to unveil a fresh and innovative edge to modern Hardcore. Track such as "Salvation" with Korsakoff and Alee, and his remix of The Viper & Neophyte's "Coming Home" are just the tip of the iceberg of what this skilful master is yet to bring.

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