16 mei 2023
NaamKemal Buyukcifci
Functie12 × DJ, producer
HerkomstTurkije 🇹🇷
WoonachtigNederland 🇳🇱
Genresuptempo hardcore


Kemal Buyukcifci, better known as KEMAL. One of the small amount of young hard-dance producers from Turkish origin. At an early age he experimented on his laptop. When he was 12 he got very interested in big room house, trap, drill, hardstyle and more. He didn't see any progress in this and started to make drill and trap beats. All of these beats are available on the YouTube channel of KEMAL. Since 2020 KEMAL has been busy with making dance tracks. And this shall go on for the forseeable future until he achieved his succes. His dream? Just like every other DJ/Producer!

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