Hardcore DJ and producer Sakyra about falling in love with the genre: "Every melody, kick and vocal gave a different emotion."

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Hardcore DJ and producer Sakyra about falling in love with the genre: "Every melody, kick and vocal gave a different emotion."
22 februari 2022
The first time Asya, also known as Sakyra, listened to hardcore was in 2010. "From the first moment I heard the track 'Hardcore Vibes' by Dune, I felt a big energy". She says. Asya got curious about the genre and started searching for more hardcore tracks on YouTube. "The first artists I found out of were Angerfirst, Tha Playah and Mad Dog. I fell in love with them directly, and that is when my passion for hardcore kept growing day by day." Her love for hardcore became so big that she decided to start making music herself in 2017. With time, she understood that her main goal was to make her passion a job. Find out more about the hardcore DJ right now!

Sakyra fell in love with hardcore because every melody, kick and vocal gave her a different emotion. "An emotion of freedom, strength and courage. It's an escape from reality. This is something that not every music genre can give, I am certainly sure about this!"
What Sakyra likes the most about hardcore is the passion and dedication to this music by listeners. "It's different, it's not like this in other music genres. People attend parties because they really love the music, and not just because they are following some trends. The atmosphere at hardcore parties is unique."

Before Asya became a hardcore producer, she was a drummer. And when she started listening to hardcore she did'nt thought about producing it in the first place. "Afterwards, when I was 15 years old, I started to dream about various combinations of kicks and melodies in my head. I really wanted to find a way to express my thoughts. I did not have any information about it and initially thought that music was produced through a virtual DJ, haha! I downloaded it but didn't even had the patience to realize that it's not what you use for producing, so I stopped after a while." Once she started to DJ, her interest for music production came back. She started to dig seriously into production by watching tutorials, studying music theory through courses and working on her first DAW.
"After a couple of years, in 2020, I decided to move to The Netherlands to follow my dreams. I attended a music production course and kept improving my production skills day by day." What Sakyra enjoys most of making music is that she can express her thoughts and feelings through any sound or vocal, by creating a specific vibe around a certain theme, "it's a way to express myself without speaking out loud."
The Italian producer describes her sound as a journey from epicness, euphoric and darkness. "Depending on the theme I'm thinking about, I build the track behind it. Sometimes I enjoy producing euphoric tracks, but I mostly prefer to produce dark or epic tracks. Hard drops and crazy rhythmics are definitely not missing as well."

Besides creating music, Asya recently found out a big passion for video editing. It was very unexpected for her to find this passion, she says. "In the beginning of corona I thought it was insane that I had to think about my own graphics, and promotional material as well. Other than music. I started to do it even when I didn't really like it, but after a while I started to enjoy it a lot. I really like to represent feelings and the theme of a track through images and videos. Besides music it's another way to express myself."

Asya's main role models are her parents and boyfriend, "their persistence, patience, strength and courage to deal with life is just amazing. If I have to choose my role models I would definitely go for them. But I do think that any person can be an inspiration for me, because everyone has great and bad sides. I try to get the best out of people around me, or out of other artists."

The DJ's milestone in her career is signing with Footworxx. "I'm very happy to be a part of this team." She says. "It's something I desired for some time, and it happened. I'm looking forward to the upcoming years!" Furthermore she performed in various clubs in Italy, The Netherlands and Belgium. "All of them had different atmospheres, experiences and people. And that is what made every event special. I still have never played at a big festival, so I'm very excited about some bookings planned for this summer!" For now the Sakyra announced Harmony of Hardcore and Tomorrowland. "And there are some more to be announced! I really look forward to the summer season."
Sakyra's goals for the upcoming period are to keep releasing as much music as possible, and to start performing. "The public can expect a lot of new music from me!"

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Een vrouw die zelf produceert. Top! Zouden er meer moeten doen. Ben benieuwd. De tracks vind ik niet zo bijzonder, maar er is nog zat tijd om verder te oefenen ;)
Leuk om te lezen! Laatste tijd luister ik haar setjes regelmatig en kan haar style zeker waarderen! Veelal dark & euphoric :bounce: