foto Luminite
NaamThomas Brok
Lid van groep#FearTheGear
Genreshardstyle, raw hardstyle
Luminite is one of the only artists who belongs to the avant-garde of Hardstyle music. With every track he guarantees a new inventive and innovative way of getting people moving. Luminite's promise to all his fans is that he will "never make a generic track again. Every single one will be experimental/unique/out of the box" This is a truly inspirational and refreshing promise in a scene so cluttered by generic sounds.
This forward thinking frame of mind has gained him a lot of dedicated fans which include a host of a-list DJ's including widely known artists such as Thera, Luna, Adaro, Prefix & Density, High Voltage, Titan, Thyron, Kyara, X-Pander, Requiem and many more...
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Jesper Scholten

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Destruction puike track hoor! keep on going!!!