Kronos (foto)
NaamJacopo Mariotti
FunctieDJ, live act
AliasJajox (voorganger)
AffiliatieMake You Dance
Jacopo Mariotti (aka Kronos) is an Italian DJ from Palestrina, Italy.

With an intense interest in hardstyle music that encompassed a significant portion of his life, Jacopo decided he had to become part of the scene as an artist. Inspired by the Italian hardstyle masters, Jacopo worked hard to develop a sound that would demonstrate his potential.

In 2012, the hard work paid off: he attracted the attention of B2S and was booked to perform at Loudness -- a large event in the Netherlands, and a great opportunity for any upcoming artist.

In 2013 he was signed to the new hardstyle label Unite Records. His debut release, "Warrior", was well received and supported by both fans and colleagues in the scene.
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see your talent again at 9 november
dajee jacooo

6 opmerkingen

zou die magica europa ook draaien?
Meteen fan geworden :) Opvolger van Jajox kan niet slecht zijn :D
Hey man, big fan here! but u really should have kept Jajox, wayyy beter than Kronos...≠
Uitspraak van mr_vertigo op zondag 10 februari 2013 om 17:16:
Hey man, big fan here! but u really should have kept Jajox, wayyy beter than Kronos...≠

kronos is ways better!
Request for dreamfields: JAJOX - LUST! nice first ep @≠ unite records! good luck