Invector (foto)
NaamDaan Zoomers
Lid van groepThe Opposition
Genresraw hardstyle
The next generation of hardstyle is here and goes by the name of Invector. Producing already for over 3 years, Daan Zoomers is still only 17 years old. Taking his tracks to the next level, he already gained support from world renowned names like Crypsis, Dj Thera, Warface, Chain Reaction and Jason Payne.

The first Invector releases are on its way as is he recently signed with Theracords. His first dj appearance was at the already legendary Theracords bunker at Q-BASE and much more bookings are coming up. Sharing the love and passion for the rougher edges of hardstyle, the future looks bright for the youngest addition to the Theracords family!
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Party agenda Invector
Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 25 mei 2018: Somnium, Cell, Almere

Party agenda The Opposition (groep)
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