NaamMenno Hectors
FunctieDJ, live act
Genreshardstyle, raw hardstyle
Infected by a virus of creativity from a young age, kick-making machine RVAGE is the definition of a young and prodigious inspiration. Rapt in the ravages of the extraordinary, he began working day and night to bring his boundless ideas to life, escalating to the point where these very experiments were ready to see the light of day.

After RVAGE unveiled himself to the world, his hard work and perseverance inevitably resulted in him signing with leading record label A2 Records and Most Wanted DJ Agency.
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Party agenda RVAGE
Hard Dance Event ADEQ-dance StudiosAmsterdam
Adrenalize, Artifact, Bloodlust, D-Block & S-te-Fan, D-Sturb, Da Syndrome, Delete, Demi Kanon, Devin Wild, E-Force, Hard Driver, Isaac, JNXD, Keltek, Killshot, Psyko Punkz, Rebelion, RVAGE, Sub Sonik, The Prophet, en nog 1 andere artiesten →
Brotherhood of Brutality 6 Evenementenhal BreeparkBreda
Act of Rage, Chain Reaction, Crypsis, D-Sturb, Denekamps Gespuis, Minus Militia, Miss K8, Ncrypta, Nolz, Radical Redemption, Rebelion, Rejecta, RVAGE, The Satan, Warface
REBELLiON · Call of the Dome Centrum HaarenHaaren
Act of Rage, Aversion, Barricade, Bloodlust, Chris One, D-Sturb, Da Syndrome, Genox, Killshot, Level One, Luminite, Malice, Mind Dimension, MYST, Ncrypta, Neroz, Physika, Rebelion, Regain, Riot Shift, en nog 7 andere artiesten →
Shockerz · Chaos Complete uitverkochtAutotronRosmalen
Act of Rage, Apexx, Artifact, Bloodlust, Chris One, Clockartz, Crossfight, Crypsis, D-Sturb, D-Verze, Daegon, Delete, Digital Punk, E-Force, Frequencerz, Iron-D, Killshot, Level One, Livid, Luminite, en nog 20 andere artiesten →
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