foto Crypton
NaamDouwe Holwerda
FunctieDJ, live act
AffiliatieThe Wishlist Agency


At the age of only 14 years old, Douwe Holwerda a.k.a. Crypton got in touch with hard dance music. His passion and energy ever since resulted in his redefined, melodic hardcore sound. Over the last couple of years, Crypton has been taken the scene by storm. Known for tracks such as 'Hate Me' '#DEUS VULT' and "One Way Up', he destroyed stages like 'Thunderdome', 'Defqon.1', 'Decibel Outdoor' and more. With a weekly expanding list of performances and productions, Crypton is ready to bring you the ultimate hardcore experience.

Uitgaansagenda Crypton

Supersized Kingsday Festival trailer · Supersized Kingsday Festival · 2021 (1:32)
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Decibel Outdoor Festival 2 trailer · Decibel Outdoor Festival · 2021 2 (1:06)
trailer · Decibel Outdoor Festival · 2021 (2:24)
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17 januari 2020
Foto's, PKHS HARD Invites, 17 januari 2020, PKHS, Tilburg
8 november 2019
Foto's, Try Before You Die, 8 november 2019, Time Out, Gemert
15 september 2018
Foto's, Fait la Force, 15 september 2018, Dynamo, Eindhoven
3 februari 2018
Foto's, La Fête Du Frenchcore, 3 februari 2018,, Krefeld
20 januari 2018
Foto's, BKJN vs Partyraiser, 20 januari 2018, SilverDome, Zoetermeer

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