Sefa (foto)
NaamSefa Vlaarkamp
At just 10 years old, Sefa first came into contact with hardcore music while browsing YouTube. He immediately developed and intenste love for kicks and melodies, but merely listening was not enough for him. He wanted to express his creativity in the art of music and figure it out for himself: and that was exactly what he did. Starting out with a small laptop, he locked himself in his room for days on end, discovering every button and taking in very sound. He had found his passion. At the age of 11, he met Dr. Peacock and the two have been close ever since. He uncovered the frenchcorescene and grasped it's energizing sound...
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hardcore 4ever
Ik sta altijd achter jou.­ Grande Sefa.­ 4 life frenchcore revolution
wat een baas deze jongeman.­ Bij zijn set op vive le frenchcore en q-base geweest.­ Bij beide feesten beste set van de nacht.­ Geweldig
The future of Frenchcore!

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