NaamRick van der Vaart
AliasRickert V
Lid van groepSuper Trash Bros
After visiting a frenchcore party at the age of 17, a man with a mission was born. Rick's triforce skills were already present, but Dr. Peacock quickly noticed another talent this young guy posseses. The Dutchman, also known as Hyrule War, is also able to create the most devastating and pounding kicks you will ever hear. Combined with enthusiastic and energetic performances, you should definitely watch out for this freshman. With releases on labels like Audiogenic, GGM and ofcourse Peacock Records, Hyrule War is ready to destroy some dancefloors!
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Party agenda Hyrule War
Hardcore at SeaBeachclub FuelBloemendaal aan zee
Abaddon, Angernoizer, Bulletproof, Chaotic Hostility, Cryogenic, D-Fence, Da Mouth of Madness, Deadly Guns, Deathroar, Destructive Tendencies, Dissoactive, Dr. Peacock, DRS, Frantic Freak, Hard Effectz, Hyrule War, La Ravage, Little Terror Man, Lunatic, Marcus Decks, en nog 20 andere artiesten →
The Qontinent · Island of Intensity 17 PuyenbroeckWachtebeke
Act of Rage, Adrenalize, Andy The Core, Angernoizer, B-Front, Bestien, Brennan Heart, Caine, Chucky, Crypton, Da Tweekaz, Dark-E, Davoodi, Deadly Guns, Deathroar, Deetox, Def Toys, Delete, Destructive Tendencies, Dr Phunk, en nog 44 andere artiesten →
Darkside · 20 YearsClassic GrandGlasgow
Basspunkz, Dataklysm, Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz, Hyrule War, MBK, Promo, Relapse, Rob Da Rhythm, Soldiers of Core, The Outside Agency, Wreck Reality
Pokke Herrie · A Dutch Hardcore FestivalTurbinenhalleOberhausen
A-Kriv, Angernoizer, Anhatema, Brainrape, Chaotic Hostility, Chem D, Chrono, Corruptive Chaos, CrypTek, Dedicator, Doctor Terror, Double K, DRS, Effection, Eliminator, Emphaser, Epic Aggressive, F. NøIzE, Gabba Front Berlin, Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz, en nog 25 andere artiesten →

Party agenda Super Trash Bros (groep)
Hardcore at SeaBeachclub Fuel, Bloemendaal aan zee
Pokke Herrie · A Dutch Hardcore FestivalTurbinenhalle, Oberhausen
26 mei 2019
Foto's, Innercore, 26 mei 2019, The Nex, Castricum
15 september 2018
Foto's, Fait la Force, 15 september 2018, Dynamo, Eindhoven
20 januari 2018
Foto's, BKJN vs Partyraiser, 20 januari 2018, SilverDome, Zoetermeer
26 november 2017
Foto's, Innercore, 26 november 2017, Mex Beachbar, Castricum
24 november 2017
Foto's, Footworxx, 24 november 2017, Le Cadran, Luik
25 maart 2017
Foto's, Masters of Hardcore, 25 maart 2017, Brabanthallen, 's-Hertogenbosch

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Dikke set gister bij angerfist the world leadimg act!!!!
Komt je set online te staan of in ieder geval je tracklist??
Keep it going!