Phrantic (foto)
NaamAlex Diggelmann
FunctieDJ, live act, producer
Genresearly hardstyle, hardstyle
partyflock Phrantic (7 aug 2014)
Alex is born in 1993, in Switzerland. After discovering hardstyle, he became fascinated by it in such a way that he wanted to start producing hardstyle himself. A combination of talent and 7 years of piano experience made him learn to do so very quickly, which eventually lead to him signing with the Theracords label at the age of 15. Having his first hit released on AVIO Records and subsequently moving on to Theracords, one might conclude that the future looks bright for this star in the making.
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He makes good music and he have a unik sound
Heroic set @ Loudness :respect:
Tommie S
God of terror! WAt een baaas deze man!

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Artiest Deetox
Become ONE :-)

You're doing great mister :D
Uitspraak van Deetox op donderdag 10 februari 2011 om 12:28:
Become ONE

SO ! zeker vet nummer :) :bounce:
The hard way is idd een vet nummer
Uitspraak van dj diabolic op maandag 27 juni 2011 om 15:59:
Die nieuwste tracks zijn echt de bom!

Dark skies / Road Warrior! _O_
God of terror een van de grofste nummers die ik in tijden heb mogen horen, geweldig!
Edge of extinction, The Hard Way &­ Road Warrior! Incredible stuff!
Thanks for your hero set at defqon purple stage_­0_­ this guy is a big talent! keep it work up AND KEEP IT RAW
time for some bookings in your new expirimental style within the hardstyle genre