Joey Riot (foto)
NaamJoseph McHugh
Lid van groepenDestructive Tendencies & The Disciplez
Geboortedatum12 maart
Genreshardcore, hardhouse
Music has always been a big part of Joey's life, learning guitar and piano in his early teens and 1st venturing out in front of crowd at the tender age of 15 as an MC. DJ'ing and music production came later in his life and when he decided it was the path he wanted to take as a professional career there was no stopping him.

His first record was released in 2005 and since then his meteoric rise has been unstoppable. He has had over 150 tracks released on a plethora of labels in the hardcore and hard dance scenes including his and Kurt's Lethal Theory, Quosh, Next Generation, Maximum Impact, Ourstyle and Awsum to name a few.
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