foto Mind Compressor
NaamAndrea Bovio & Simone Peretto
FunctieDJ, groep
Genreshardcore, uptempo hardcore


The Mind Compressor project starts at about the end of 2016, born from the same passion of two boys. Shortly thereafter, they had the opportunity to participate in the System Overload contest Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll released in March 2017 on Megarave Records. They won and decided to continue the musical path in a pro way, releasing Turn The Levels on Partyraiser Recordings in October 2017. The track, thanks also to the support of Partyraiser, F.Noize, etc., reached the first position on Hardtunes. Immediately after that great response they got to collaborate with Scarphase, releasing Hot Topic, in February 2018. They also released on Footworxx Kick The Bass EP and You Die EP...

Uitgaansagenda Mind Compressor

Laatste feest was op vrijdag 14 augustus 2020: Phoenix 100, Time Out, Gemert

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Heroes at the moment.­ Great productions.­ It would be time to get more bookings because you deserve it most! A lot of organisations in Holland are sleeping! Keep up the good work!