NaamFelix Laman
FunctieDJ, live act
Genreship hop, trap
Yung Felix is a producer from The Netherlands. He worked together with dutch rap group SLBMG on a trap-only mixtape, which was released in the year 2011. On his Soundcloud he dropped a few trap tracks. Yung Felix has been working with Yellow Claw for a few years now. This resulted in the tracks 'Jah No Partial Remix', 'Get it Right' and 'Dancefloor Champion'. Last year he also produced the singles 'Doag' and 'Run it back' for the successfull rap group Great Minds (Winne, Sticks and Jiggy Dje). Recently he worked together with the Dutch rapper Spacekees. This year they released the EP 'Held'. Yung Felix is currently working on more solo material, including an album with the rapper Jiggy Djé and he still works on productions for Yellow Claw...
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