NaamEmilio Sedoc
Genrescaribbean, eclectic, house, urban
partyflock DJFreddyMoreira (30 jan 2017)
Next to his high-energy style the down to earth Freddy Moreira is known as a real ladies man.

Freddy is one of the most booked artists in the Netherlands and reached this status simply based on several extremely good mixtapes and a great sympathy from fans during his explosive live shows.
His DJ sets are characterized as dynamic and eclectic which are established by fast-paced mixing. It seems there isn't anyone in the eclectic scene who hasn't been knocked out by his power on stage.
In fact this wonderboy generates millions of online plays and is one of the most listened Dutch eclectic DJ's. Besides these numbers, his rapidly expanding fanbase is increasing daily on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and Soundcloud.
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Party agenda Freddy Moreira
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Echt een topper! Heerlijke mixtapes en op feestjes gegarandeerd goede muziek als hij draait