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partyflock Dj licious (27 mei 2011)
DJ Licious: house is where the heart is

Belgium-based but beaming the love of house all over the world with a blend of funky rhythms, groovy sax and smooth vocals: Dj Licious knows good vibes come from nothing but house music.

After founding the celebrated clubbing concept SHOMI in Antwerp, his DJ career directed him to the Belgian 'Defected in the house' parties, proudly pushing house music on a national level. By mixing fresh tunes in his own radio show on Radio FG and spinning his favorite tracks at clubs and festivals worldwide (Tomorrowland, Privilege Ibiza, Laundry Day, City Parade, Versuz, Summerfestival, Pacha World Tour,…), Dj Licious does what he loves most: let the music do the talking.
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