DiMaro (foto)
NaamMario Willems
Genreselectro, groove
SiteSite dimaro.dj
BoekingenSite crossover-agency.com
One of the hottest Belgian DJ's at this moment!
DiMaro is playing at highly respected clubs such as Carre and Kokorico, and big festivals like Tomorrowland,Daydream, Summer Festival, Groove City, Neverland, Dance D vision, Ostend Beach and Beachland.
His incredible talent to combine different styles of music for practically any audience with big success is what makes him extremely popular! His sets are so dynamic that he creates an ecstatic energy with any crowd.
Besides his successful dj career, DiMaro also proves to be a successful producer and remixer. Besides his own releases, he is now collaborating with international artists such as:
Akon, Flo Rida, Jason Derülo and TPain and Lil Wayne...
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