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From his early teens onwards (we're talking about the 80's here) Delafino was always busy with music in his spare time. What once started out with frequent trips to the music store and many tape recordings from radio music shows (so he could "mix it up" in his bedroom with the most modest means available) turned out to be his true passion! Growing up surrounded by the greatest soul music, finest disco tunes and being inspired by music icons such as Barry White, Donna Summer and many more still influence the style of the Antwerp-based house DJ today, best described by key words such as: funky - soulful - vocal - happy!

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Extrema Outdoor · 10th Anniversary61 bezoekersEvenemententerrein BinnenvaartstraatHouthalen
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Extrema Outdoor · 10th Anniversary58 bezoekersEvenemententerrein BinnenvaartstraatHouthalen
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