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· 10th Anniversary
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hosts: Hangar Site, Defected Site, Cafeina Site
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Extrema Outdoor dagen
Extrema Outdoorvr 3 jun 2022 om 12:00
Extrema Outdoorza 4 jun 2022 om 12:00 ←
Extrema Outdoorzo 5 jun 2022 om 12:00

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3 dagen + camping 1:€ 127,-
3 dagen + camping 2:€ 147,-
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Line-up Extrema Outdoor

Nederland house, techno
Nederland techno, house, latin, reggae
Frankrijk house, techno
Italië Verenigde Staten house
Israël België trance, house, techno
Argentinië house, trance
Verenigd Koninkrijk techno, trance, house
house, techno, trance
techno, house
Verenigd Koninkrijk house, trance
3Desperados / Defected
Nederland house, trance, techno
house, trance
Verenigd Koninkrijk house
4Eristoff / We play house recordings
Duitsland Nederland house, techno
house, techno
Nederland house, techno
5Printworks London
Oekraïne house, techno
Duitsland techno, house
Spanje house, techno
Frankrijk techno
Bosnië Duitsland house, techno
6Distrikt 6
Frankrijk techno
Verenigd Koninkrijk techno
Frankrijk techno, hardcore
Verenigd Koninkrijk Duitsland house, techno
7Kompass Klub
Brazilië Spanje techno, house
Oekraïne techno, drum & bass
Italië house, techno
8Camping Afterparties
Nederland house
house, trance
9Aperol Spritz
techno, house
house, techno
house, techno
techno, house
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We decided to move our 10th-anniversary to 3-4-5 June 2022. All purchased tickets remain valid and will be converted free of charge for the festival in 2022 (June 3-4-5)

In addition, there is still a chance we can organize a festival this year. We are looking at the possibilities of a scalable edition in September, which will allow us to be more flexible than a festival at full power. We want to fully take advantage of any opportunity we get and our team is working diligently to bring us all together on a dance floor sooner rather than later.

We will keep you updated as soon as there is more information available regarding the format and capacity of Extrema Outdoor Extra • September edition. Also, the possibility of upgrading your tickets will be addressed.
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