Red D
Tomorrowland · 29 juli 2007
NaamBart Van Neste
FunctieDJ, live act
Lid van groepFCL


Sure, Red D could say that he was influenced by *insert credible genre of music here* or that he got his big break at *insert name of credible legendary but now closed club here*, but who really needs to know? Let's just say that when playing some records, making some music, throwing the odd party and running his label We Play House Recordings Red D does it with passion, lust and a healthy dose of putting all things in the right perspective.

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29 juli 2007
Foto's, Tomorrowland, 29 juli 2007, Schorre, Boom

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Draaide in mei vorig jaar een van de allerbeste Berghain Garten sets (l)