We Play House

We Play House
11 juni 2018
België 🇧🇪


We Play House Recordings is the brainchild of DJ Red D. Having played at hundreds of parties over the last 23 years it only took one listen to the music of San Soda to decide it was time to start a music label of his own. In the midst of the download craze and the flooding of the market with millions of mediocre tracks by hundreds of bedroom digital labels We Play House Recordings aimed to stand out with quality. Quality in music, quality in sound, quality in design and quality in distribution.

Our music is released on vinyl first and foremost, but our regular catalogue is also available digitally. Our coloured vinyl series and are vinyl only. For you digital fanatics out there: this means you cannot buy, nor get an official MP3 or WAV. Vinyl distribution is in the capable hands of Rush Hour in Amsterdam, our digital distribution is done by the equally mighty Clone in Rotterdam. Probably the first time these two cities are on the same side...

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Laatste feest was op vrijdag 3 februari 2023: Curfew, Amigo Amigo, Gent

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We Play House
19 juli 2018
Geen hypes en trends, maar kwalitatieve house muziek in al haar verschijningsvormen.