NaamJennifer Cardini
Genresdisco, house, techhouse, techno
After more than a decade spent building an enviable reputation for herself in the clubs of Paris, Jennifer Cardini has become an international concern. Her infectious charisma and versatility behind the decks has led to invitations to play at such famed nightspots as Panorama Bar, Nitsa, and Fabric, and with her creative platform and label Correspondant very much on the ascent, her standing as a tastemaker is as prominent as ever.

With teenage years spent savouring the lo-fi box jams of late '70s new wave, it was actually the immersive grooves and smooth, stripped-back drum patterns of another emerging genre–minimal– with which she first made a name for herself, perfecting a downtempo, cinematic mixing style that has become Cardini's calling card.
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