foto Bold Action
NaamLex Brekelmans
Genreshardtrance, techno


Bold Action, born as Lex Brekelmans, started producing music at the end of 2009. Spending countless hours in an (improvised) studio chasing his passion led to the development of a truly unique sound. As he was not afraid to do something different and to try out a wide variety of genres, he eventually generated a solid and distinctive sonic signature. Finally, in the beginning of 2013, this sound reached the ears of Geck-e, and Bold Action's track 'First Things First' was featured and released on the Defqon 1 CD Compilation. To top it all, Lex also got to perform at Defqon.1 together with a friend after delivering a fresh production and mix for the Qult contest...

Uitgaansagenda Bold Action

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 5 mei 2018: Madness XXL, Bootshaus, Keulen