foto LNY TNZ
NaamJan Stadhouders
AliasLooney Tunez (voorganger)


Whether you don't give a fvck about tomorrow, your trap is going techno, or you're just a little paranoid, there's a great reason to get fired up about LNY TNZ.

Inspired by the passion of putting a new twist on hard hitting EDM. LNY TNZ' slogan "FVCK GENRES" settles unhindered in a discography where his idiosyncratic heavy kicks have blended with all sorts of EDM and alternative influences. Combining the best from different worlds has proved as a proficient and successful crossover sound, resulting in various hits which racked millions of streams and radio play worldwide.

LNY TNZ has toured multiple times around the globe, stopping at major festivals including Tomorrowland, EDC China, EDC Mexico, EDC Las Vegas, Mysteryland and Defqon to name a few.
2 juli 2017
Foto's, WiSH Outdoor, 2 juli 2017, Festivalterrein de Aa, Beek en Donk
5 juli 2015
Foto's, WiSH Outdoor, 5 juli 2015, Festivalterrein de Aa, Beek en Donk
12 juli 2014
Foto's, Daylight festival, 12 juli 2014, De Stok, Roosendaal

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Kansloos, beetje zelfde bass onder top 40 nummers zetten maakt je nog geen producer

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Heet het voortaan geen lOOnEy tUnEz meer....­
Die mix van Shotgun!! kan niet wachten tot die uitkomt :D