foto Carasel
NaamOliver Reed
Leeftijd25 - 26
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresbreakbeat, drum & bass, dubstep, garage


Carasel has been praised by promoters, DJs and ravers for his positive attitude, lyrical style, versatility and overwhelming enthusiasm for drum and bass music. He notes ' Different flows for different shows' as being his strong point as he is just at home hosting for the likes of Black Sun Empire or Vicious Circle as he is hyping a party for Hazard or Randall, there are very few big DJs that Cara has not had the pleasure of hosting for.
He has performed for many drum and bass' biggest brands, One Nation, Random Concept, Renegade Hardware, Raveology, Hysteria, and Bedlam...

Uitgaansagenda Carasel

Hospitality · Weekend In The Woods uitverkochtBeckenham Place ParkLondon
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Hospitality · Weekend In The Woods uitverkochtBeckenham Place ParkLondon
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