T & Sugah
28 mei 2020
NaamRobin Storm & Philippe A Jouneghani
Functie243 × DJ's, groep
Leeftijd11 – 12
HerkomstNederland Nederland
Genresdrum & bass, dubstep


"High Tea Music's founding fathers and hosts of Holland's finest Spektrum XL party: T & Sugah are starting to create big waves in the DnB scene. Their current releases (Hospital, Liquicity, Viper, Radar recordings) and the support from UKF are providing a solid base for these two young artists to step up their game. As icing on the cake, they were given the honour to play at the infamous Rampage party this year!

These boys know their way through the entire dnb spectrum, from the liquid rollers to straight bangers while always staying dancefloor orientated. This diversity is what characterizes T & Sugah's sets as well as their productions.

The future is looking bright for T & Sugah since a lot of exciting new releases are on their way"

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23 oktober 2021
Foto's, High Tea, 23 oktober 2021, Atelier, Amsterdam

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