10 april 2020
NaamAlex Mark Calvert
Functie96 × DJ
Lid van groepA.M.C & Turno
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk 🇬🇧
Genresdrum & bass


Future-driven but foundation-focused, A.M.C embodies the strongest and most critical traits a drum & bass artist can have: Attention to detail, technical articulation and patience. Dark arts lost in some quarters, the UK artist born Alex Mark Calvert understands the intricacies of long game theory and the ancient craft of hard graft. Since breaking through as a DJ in 2007, he's diligently dented the last decade (and counting) with a fierce 24/7 focus that's led to a prominent and influential position as one of the most respected modern DJs, producers and label owners in the game.

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Phoenix9 AppicEffenaar, Eindhoven
1991, A.M.C., Alora, Jetyx, KOARSE, Maduk, Operator21
Break AwayKavos
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Sunrise festival86 bezoekersDe Lilse Bergen, Lille
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