foto S!RENE
NaamNataniel Olusanya
Genresafro, baile funk, dancehall, funk, hip hop, r&b
Vroegere namen
  • Sirène, tot 17 oktober 2019
Ook herkend als
  • SiRENE
Nataniel Olusanya ''aka'' S!RENE is a DJ and Editor who has great interest in oldskool music in comination with new sounds. Since he was a kid he had a great connection with oldskool Hip Hop & R&B music. But at the age of 12, he introduced himself in the scene of ''House'' music. He started out making mixtapes but when he found his way back to his Dancehall routs, he started DJ'ing at the age of 14. He tried to combine all kind of styles in his own way. Now, he has found a way of connecting all kind of styles by making mixtapes. Also is he known by his love for the turntables and his live technical live sets. He is alble to spin all kinds of styles in his own way, what makes this artist a one to look out for !
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