Zoey Hasselbank
24 augustus 2018
Functie80 × DJ
HerkomstBelgië 🇧🇪
Genreship hop, trap, urban


Belgian female DJ, Zoey Hasselbank, has come a long way and still remains as a rookie in the game. She started her career around March 2015. Although her career is at an early stage she managed to put her print in the scene.

She gained more experience with her monthly residency at Purple Vibes Entertainment's concept, $AVAGE$, where she got the opportunity to perform next to artists such as The Cozy Boys from ASAP MOB, Playboi Carti, J Stash, French rapper Niska and Hamza a local artist.

Zoey Hasselbank's musical universe is mainly dark and trill. By freestyling during her sets she can adapt herself and anticipate to the public. She has a good knowledge of the hip-hop culture, which allows her to deliver multiple unknown tracks and bring the venue to an undiscovered musical world.

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Vunzige Deuntjes Festival video's teaser · Vunzige Deuntjes Festival · 2024 (0:53)
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