foto S!RENE
NaamNataniel Olusanya
Genresafro house, baile funk, dancehall, funk, hip hop, r&b
Vroegere namen
  • Sirène, tot 22 april 2021
Ook herkend als
  • SiRENE


S!RENE is best described as a young talented artist who has no boundaries. He's a new kid on the block with some great achievements as; Winning the Kunstbende Award for most talented DJ in The Netherlands at the age of 17, performing at Lowlands Festival (For 10.000 people) 2 years in a row and making his debut at Mysteryland Festival & Vunzige Deuntjes. This are just a few of much achievements in his still very young career.

But what makes this guy so unique? He's known for his eclectic style which includes Hip Hop, R&B, Future Beats, Dancehall, Disco Funk, Afro House & Baile Funk. Always looking for a new challenge, combining genres in his sets like you have never heard before.